House Rules & Etiquette

Dear Guests, welcome to Maestral resort & casino,

In order to ensure to each and every one a comfortable, pleasant and safe stay in the resort, we kindly ask you to observe and respect the House Rules and the established house etiquette described below. The House rules are prepared in accordance with the Law on Tourism of Montenegro as well as international hospitality industry best practices.

Hotel regulations

Check in time in the Hotel is 2:00 pm on the day of arrival and check out time is 12:00 noon on the day of departure.
In case a guest does not arrive until 8:00 pm, without prior notice, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation and charge the cost of accommodation based on the Hotel’s Cancellation Policy.
The Hotel reserves the right not to accept to check-in or to discontinue a guest’s stay in the Hotel, in case of disrespect towards other guests or staff of the establishment or towards the House rules. The Hotel reserves the right to take additional action if deemed necessary.
Guests are kindly asked to schedule with the Reception, until 8:00 pm, wake-up calls, cancellation or change of services, additional services such as lunch packs, for the next day.
A laundry bag and price lists for washing and ironing clothes can be found in the rooms. If you need this service, put your clothes and a list with the request in a bag and leave it on the bed.
For food service in the room (room service), you need to call 4164, which is available 24/7. Room service menus are posted on the TV.
With the key you received at the Hotel Reception upon your arrival, you are able to enter your room and gain access to certain areas of the resort reserved only for hotel guests. If you lose your card, please report it at the Reception desk immediately in order to avoid any abuse.
The Hotel shall not accept any responsibility for the damage or loss of property due to the loss of the card. You will be issued a new card and the Reception staff will give you precise instructions.
Scheduled maintenance works are taking place in resort premises such as lawn mowing. Information about such works performed in the vicinity of your room will communicated to you with hard copy notice or through TV message.
Guests can connect electronic equipment to the TV in the room through the HDMI port located at the room desk or on wireless mode. If you need assistance, please ask for IT support at the hotel reception. At no instance do not try to remove the TV from its frame. That presents high accident risk and/or will cause damage to the equipment.
Hotel will charge guests for any damage caused to furniture or equipment of the hotel.

In house etiquette

Please refrain from the following activities that can disturb other guests of the Hotel. Avoid disturbing other guests by yelling or singing or acting in other ways that create a lot of noise.
Do not bring pets and other animals in the Hotel (except for guide dogs)
Do not use or bring items with a strong odor, flammable or combustible items, such as gunpowder or essential oils. Do not bring illegal items to the Hotel.
Gambling outside the casino area is not allowed.
Do not use the Hotel room for: gatherings, private parties, business presentations or other business activities.
Do not bring food or drinks to the Hotel and do not order food delivery service. The Hotel reserves the right to remove such foods and drinks.
Do not change the setup of the Hotel, such as rearranging furniture and equipment of the Hotel, without the permission of the Hotel.
Do not display items in the Hotel balconies that change the Hotel’s appearance.
Do not bring or display any advertising material or seek customers for the sale of goods in the resort premises without the permission of the resort. Keep in mind that the publication of photographs or other images taken at the resort for commercial purposes and without the permission of the resort may lead to legal proceedings.
Observe the dress etiquette for public areas. Please do not visit indoors or outdoors public areas (except beach and pool areas) with wet bathing suits and keep your body always covered. Do not walk around the public areas of the resort in bathrobes and slippers, except the Spa and Wellness Centre.
Observe the time schedules for children under 12 years old at the pool area of the Spa and do not leave children unattended. Please remember that the Spa and pool area are relaxation areas and not water playground.
Children below 12 are not allowed in wellness and gym area.

Safety Regulations

For reasons of hygiene and sanitation as well for tax purposes, it is not allowed to bring in the Hotel areas, foods or drinks from outside. Consumption of such foods and drinks is not allowed in the public areas. Housekeeping will remove any such foods or drinks found in the guest rooms.
Please ensure that you’re the door of your room is properly shut when leaving the room during your stay.
Please use the double lock while in your room, especially while sleeping. If someone rings on the door, please identify the visitor through the eye hole before opening the door. If you encounter any suspicious person, immediately contact the Hotel Reception.
Do no bring visitors to your room. Use public spaces to meet with visitors.
The rooms can only be used by guests who are properly registered at the Hotel Reception. Persons who are not registered as guests are strictly prohibited from staying in the Hotel rooms.
Care to avoid disturbance of other Hotel guests is required. The Hotel reserves the right to discontinue the stay of a guest who causes disturbance and/or who otherwise disregards the House Rules.
Guests may activate a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door though the electronic lock. As per Hotel policy, this sign can be posted for a maximum of 24 hours, after which the Hotel reserves the right to enter the room and check for guest security and safety.
The Hotel offers a parking space and service for free for all guests. The resort shall not be responsible for any damage or loss claims for any vehicle parked in its parking.
Please report immediately any irregularities, malfunctions or service-related objections to the Reception. Subsequent and untimely complaints, to which the resort had no opportunity to respond, shall not be considered as grounds for reducing the accommodation price.
Guests shall be responsible for any damages caused to equipment, furniture and other items owned by the resort where the damage was inflicted by them or the persons their visitors. The degree of responsibility and value of the damage shall be determined by the Hotel staff. Guests must pay for the damage before leaving the Hotel.
Weapons, combustible or explosive materials, as well as substances of intense or unpleasant odor are not allowed in the resort.
Please do not leave children without supervision while staying within the resort complex. Children below 14 years of age should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Guests are kindly requested to report lost and found and stolen items to the Hotel Reception. When leaving the Hotel, double- check that you have not forgotten something.
Please inform the Reception as soon as possible in case of any breakage or problems relating to the rooms and public areas of the Hotel.
We kindly ask the guests to use the rooms and other public areas in the hotel, equipment, furniture and other property in a responsible manner and in accordance with the House Rules.
Guestroom and other resort inventory is not allowed do be moved out of the resort. Some inventory items (i.e. bath linen) may be purchased at the Reception.
Observe the regulations applying in the use of the spa area and pools. Notably, do not dive in the pools, do not run around the pool area, do not leave children unattended, do not use toys and inflatables in the pools.

Regulations Related to Fire Prevention

Using irons, hot plates, electric heaters and other heating bodies is not permitted.
It is not allowed to bring explosives, flammable materials and other hazardous chemicals into the Hotel.
Please do not smoke in places where there is a risk of fire, such as the bed. Smoking is not allowed to any indoor public areas except the Casino area.
Please do not touch or play the fire equipment. Follow instructions for their use in case of emergencies, where applicable.
Please pay attention to the evacuation plans attached at the back of the front door of each room and to the evacuation maps and signposts located in the corridors of all floors.
In case of fire alarm activation, please follow the instructions from the evacuation plans attached at the back of the front door of each room and the evacuation maps and signposts located in the corridors of all floors.
In case you notice any fire hazard please immediately report it to the Reception.

Handling of valuables

Please use your room safe for your cash and valuables. There are also safes available at the Reception.
The Hotel shall not be responsible and shall not accept any claims for any valuables allegedly lost, whether stored in safes or not.
The Hotel shall not be responsible and shall not accept any claims for any valuables allegedly lost, stored in a locker at spa area.
Lost property is handled in the manner prescribed by relevant laws and internal regulations. Forgotten items are deposited with Housekeeping department, in the place reserved for this purpose and shall be kept for a year.
Handling items deposited in the locker room is guided by the provisions for handling in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Hotel.


Please note that the Hotel will request a cash deposit or credit card guarantee upon your check in.
During your stay, the Hotel may request payment for services rendered if you are staying for longer than 15 days.
Guests can pay a hotel bill at the reception in cash or by credit card. To avoid misunderstandings, guests should ask reception staff about the terms of payment before using the Hotel services.
When paying bills by signing in restaurants or bars of the Hotel, please always fill your room number and you name.
Please note that the Hotel cannot accept payments with checks or traveler’s checks.
The Hotel cannot make advance payments in favor of guests for purchases in the Hotel, airline tickets, train and bus tickets, taxi tickets, postage, baggage shipping costs or any other costs.
Keep in mind that the cost of phone calls from your room will be added to your bill.

Prohibition imposed on anti-social structures in using the hotel facilities

The Hotel shall prohibit the following organizations or individuals from using the Hotel and all additional facilities and equipment: Organized crime groups, members of organized crime groups, as well as organizations or parties related to organized crime groups. Companies and parties related to organizations whose business activities are controlled by organized crime groups or members of organized crime groups. Antisocial structures, members or clients associated with antisocial structures.
People who are not able to ensure their own safety due to the lack of control as a result of mental instability, drug and other factors, or any person that is likely to cause danger, fear, or anxiety among other guests of the Hotel.
When some of the activities described in the preceding paragraphs are confirmed, the Hotel shall immediately react by restricting access to the facility or discontinuing the use of the facilities.

With the commencement of use of the accommodation and the hotel services, it is considered that guests are familiar, understand and accept the House Rules of the resort.
In case of cancellation of accommodation by the Hotel, due to non-observance of the House Rules, the guest shall be charged the full cost for the reserved period regardless of a shorter stay.