Spa Center

Rejuvenating Facilities

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Jacuzzi: A pleasant and relaxing activity, beneficial for both body & mind.

Enjoy a fully recreative experience in Maestral’s Resort & Casino jacuzzi and cherish a dreamy atmosphere with a panoramic sea view!

Enjoy either alone or share with your partner, friends, or family!

  • For reservations contact the reception desk
  • Maximum occupancy: 6 people
You deserve first-class services

Finnish Sauna

We are sure you will love our authentic Finnish Sauna, enjoying its precious benefits and experiencing supreme mental relaxation.

Surrender to the heat’s power and allow it to slowly relax your muscles and release gathered tension!

  • For reservations contact the reception desk
  • Maximum occupancy: 10 people
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Roman Sauna

Roman bath was a historical communal bathing experience, set for reconstruction, that has been successfully transferred to today and is widely considered one of the most popular modern spa treatments!

Maestral’s Resort & Casino Roman Sauna has been designed based on the ancient Roman baths philosophy, and combined with its mystique ambience,  promises to offer you a full and effective treatment and a lifetime experience that very few people have seized!

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Ice Fall

All ice on you! Enjoy ice’s beneficial properties in this original and exciting wellness facility!

Accept the challenge of Maestral’s Resort & Casino Ice Fall and say yes to a surreal experience that will surely turn into a lifetime memory!

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Relaxation Room

Always make some room for…relaxation! Visit our spacious and cozy Relaxation Room and cherish a unique moment of calmness, rest, and recharge!

In the most congenial and soothing atmosphere with gentle background music and the most positive vibes, earn these truly precious moments and re-invent yourself!

Reading, listening to music, meditating, just enjoying the magnificent landscape, or even taking a nap…In Maestral’s Resort & Casino relaxation room, you can do everything you feel like doing!

The most confounding experience for all your senses that you certainly deserve!


You deserve first-class services

Pleasure Showers

Pleasure showers –as disclosed by their name- is an extremely pleasant spa treatment, with a beneficial effect on our mood, contributing to perfect synchronization of body and soul!

Let go in complete calmness and relaxation, feeling all your senses stimulated by nature’s most powerful aromas and by our stunning color effects, and gradually see your breathing getting slower and slower, your heartbeat reaching the right pulse, and your mood touching the desired levels of pleasure & happiness!