Welcome to Cabaret “Spettacolare”, Maestral Resort & Casino!

Cabaret “Spettacolare” is a world-class cabaret based on a unique performance concept that combines theater-like performances.

The breathtaking performances of Cabaret “Spettacolare” in Maestral Casino variete contain musical, theatrical, and dancing acts performed by the most talented and promising young entertainers.

Awaken your fantasies
Cabaret “Spettacolare” was created to incarnate the definition of art in order to evoke your emotions and lure you to the most electrifying atmosphere.
A unique experience of triggering energy and a never-ending beat of fun await at the hotspot of stimulating moments!

Time to feel the passion of the Maestral Casinos stage and taste…the absolute excitement!

Ready to experience it? Let the show begin!

Need More Info?

14.04.2022 at 21:30h in Maestral Casino variete

The entrance ticket fee is 20€

Reservation of tables and payment of tickets

at the reception of hotel Maestral.
Contact number: +382 33 410 100

Registration with the ID checks at the reception of Casino Hotel Maestral

Entry is not allowed for children under 18 years old.